?...The original is translucent....Use it on any colour leather. Use the black version to restore the colour of scratched and faded leather.
?...Both soften and preserve your leather
?...Both have conditioning properties to revive the look of old leather or wax cotton
?...Original can be used to reproof wax cotton without stripping the original wax (use black on black)
?...100% natural, containing NO solvents, silicon, Teflon, paraffin or bleach
?...They smell really nice
?...Both versions are soft (even in cold temperatures) and are quick and easy to apply
?...Neither will not leave leather sticky or greasy
?...Original can be used on rubber, car & motorcycle plastics and chrome too!
 ?...All products in the range contain NO ANIMAL DERIVATIVES whatsoever


DucksWax will not
?...Allow water to penetrate the leather, it simply beads up and runs off!
?...Stain your stitching
?...Harden or crack
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The Original DucksWax

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