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We love our boy dogs, but they can be a mess. Simple Solution Disposable Male Wraps will protect your home from pee and restore peace of mind for you and your male dog. A perfect solution for incontinence, excitable urination, male marking issues, and travel, our disposable male wraps provide a soft, leak-proof fit with adjustable, Fur-Friendly Fasteners and a super absorbent core to give your pet a secure and comfortable fit. Features: Unique stretchy fabric provides leg lifting comfort no matter how much your dog wiggles Fur-safe, repositionable fasteners provides a snug, comfortable and secure fit Leak-proof barriers and the super absorbent core will keep your floor and furniture dry Wetness indicator changes color when wet Sizing Guide: Small size fits dogs 10-25 lbs. with a 12"-19" waist. Medium size fits dogs 25-50 lbs. with a 15"-23" waist. Large size fits dogs 50-70 lbs. with a 18"-27" waist.