A pre and probiotic blend specifically formulated for horses to replenish friendly intestinal bacteria. It promotes healthy hindgut function and helps to reduce gas, bloating, and colic. Promotes nutrient absorption and a healthy immune system.

We typically recommend supplementing 2 -3 courses per year to support and promote good digestive health. Pro-Colon is a high quality product which is free of stabilizers and kept refrigerated for maximum potency. It is one of the best probiotics on the market!

Beneficial for:
Intestinal Immune System and Digestion

1/4 tsp (one gram) daily as needed for optimum digestion. Keep Refrigerated.

Per ¼ tsp dose: Acidophilus (24 billion CFUs), Bifido bifidum (24 billion CFUs), Fructooligosaccharides (250 mg)
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Riva's Remedies Pro-Colon for Horses

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