• BPA Free Plastic Pet fountain continuously filters water
  • Provides cat multiple drinking surfaces for maximum hydration
  • Uses Pioneer Pet #3003 replacement filter
  • 55 ounce capacity
  • Uses our newest USB cord. No transformer to overheat.
  • Included components: Top, base, magnolia flower topper, USB cord/plug, replacement filter and instruction manual

Cats prefer fresh, moving water and are attracted to the sound. This beautiful and stylish pet fountain with a Magnolia flower drinking surface encourages pets to drink more, improving their health through increased hydration. The Magnolia fountain holds up to 55 oz of water.

USB Connector

The Magnolia Fountain line also offers a USB connection and a 5V pump. If you have a single pet or multi-pet household this is the fountain for you.

This fountain is easy to assemble and easy to clean

If you ever have any questions or concerns let our wonderful family help you.

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Pioneer Pet Magnolia Pet Fountain - 55 oz - White

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