For Dogs, Cats and Horses
Do you hear customers talk about their pet’s skin, digestive, weight, gas, breathing, joint pain issues and more… The majority of the time, symptoms like these are caused by intolerances, and in order to alleviate the discomfort it is necessary to understand what these intolerance symptoms are a response to. Using hair, 5Strands tests pets for intolerances to 200+ pet food ingredients and 100+ environmental items. Note that the lists of items tested for dogs, cats, and horses all differ. Each list has been tailored to test for food and environmental items common to each animal’s standard lifestyles.

One of the most common questions pet retailers receive is, “Which pet food do you recommend?” Each pet is unique, and so should the answer to this question be. The 5Strands test will provide a thorough elimination guideline, highlighting intolerance triggers that need to be avoided. Ask your customer to share the results with you once they receive them. Then together, you can make proper decisions about the dietary and lifestyle adjustments needed, and what products are suitable.

Be the first line of defense for your customers before they spend big bucks on traditional allergy testing. Or, for those who have not found relief with traditional allergy testing, this is your opportunity to be a hero! Roughly 95% of all responses pets exhibit are due to an intolerance, while only 5% are from true allergies (testing that is done through blood work). 5Strands only tests for non-IgE mediated reactions. 5Strands does not test for IgE allergies, that are caused by the pet’s immune system.

Help your customer’s pets live a healthier, happier life.

When pulling out hair is a good thing:

  • Non-invasive mail-in hair testing kit detects 300+ intolerances
  • Bioresonance testing technology provides comprehensive results
  • Fast results, emailed within 7-10 days of the lab receiving hair sample

Kit Includes:

  • Box
  • Parchment paper bag
  • Anti-static bag
  • Information card
  • Pre-addressed envelope with postage

Kit Directions:

  • Fill out the included postcard
  • Pull a hair sample (10-15 hairs) from the nape of your pet’s neck
  • Place the hair strands in the parchment paper bag
  • Place the parchment paper bag in the anti-static bag
  • Write the name of your pet on the antis static bag
  • Place in envelope
  • Mail
  • Within 7-10 days of the lab receiving the hair sample, you will receive an email detailing your pet’s intolerances
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Pet Food & Environmental Intolerance Testing Kit

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