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Topcrop Parrot Topcrop Parrot Food has been formulated as a 100% complete and balanced diet for domestic parrots. Since your pet is a creature of habit, it is important to establish a constant location for its food. Only provide what will be consumed within a 24-hour period. Unlike many other pets, birds have virtually no body fat reserves, and will perish quickly if they go without food even for a single day. Make sure you clean its food dish every day. Ensure that a fresh supply of water is constantly accessible. Should your pet’s food become contaminated with urine, droppings or water, discard the soiled food, wash out and dry the dish and replace with a fresh supply of food. This product has been specifically formulated for parrots. It is not meant to feed any other animals, nor is it appropriate for human consumption. Although Topcrop Parrot Food is a complete nutriment, you may want to occasionally give your bird a seed stick or one of the many other prepared treats available on the market. Parrot Care Tips Parrots have very specific dietary requirements and should only be fed food that has been specifically formulated for them. Feeding them food intended for other animals may result in severe health consequences. When taking your animal out of its habitat for any reason, never leave it unattended, as loose pets can sustain serious injuries. Available in 40 lb bags Ingredients Jumbo striped sunflower, shelled corn, safflower seeds, oat groats, in-shell peanuts, pumpkin seeds, whole chili peppers, mineral oil Analysis Crude Protein13.0% minCrude Fat17.0% minCrude Fiber22.0% maxMoisture12.0% max **Please note that the bags shipped may not match the picture shown as they are all bulk bags.