Hoof Wraps Hoof Soaker is an easy and convenient answer to the hassle of soaking hooves. Any horse owner who has tried to soak a horse's hoof in a bucket knows that it it can be frustrating and messy. Many horses won't stand quietly like a dutiful circus pony with its hoof in a bucket of water. No, most horses fidget and move and end up knocking over the bucket. Especially if you make the mistake of looking away for just a second. That's the moment old Dobbin has been waiting for.

There's an easier way - the Hoof Wraps Soaker. This heavy duty collapsible bag allows you to place it on the horse's hoof, fill with soaking solution, then secure in place. It won't dislodge and the hooves can remain soaking while you take care of other tasks. It's a great time and stress saver. Hoof soaking bag is make of a thick ballistic nylon that has a nylon coated liner inside. The adjustable design means you can fit hooves up to 6" in diameter as easily as a smaller hoof. There are three fastening points that allow you create a secure, snug fit so that soaking solution isn't going anywhere. The Hoof Wraps Soaker comes with 2 EVA foam pads for extra cushioning for sore hooves plus an extra strap. Great product to have on hand in your tack room for soaking and medicating horse and pony hooves.

One size
One bag
Includes 2 EVA foam pads and extra strap

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Hoof Wraps Hoof Soaker

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