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Are you suffering from chronic or challenging health problems? Does it seem like you'll never feel well again? Would you like to know which body organs and systems need help? Would you like to know what foods are causing your symptoms? Would you like to know which diet works for you and why? Are you plagued with multiple food allergies and/or intolerances? Would you like to be able to identify your nutrient deficiencies? Are you confused as to which remedies and supplements will actually help? Can you identify which emotions are affecting your health? Would you like to be well and stay well? This book is for you. Marijke van de Water, B.Sc. (Clinical Nutrition), DHMS (Homeopathy), Medical Intuitive and Healer has written an easy-to-follow 4 step method to take the guesswork out of your health problems and replace it with understanding, awareness and unique strategies for healing the body. Based on a solid foundation of nutritional science, quantum physics, natural medicine and wisdom this information packed book is practical and highly effective. It is written to help you easily recognize the real underlying cause of all health problems - for yourself, your family and your friends. Use it as an insightful guide to clear up the confusion and start the journey to good health! ISBN 978-0-981049-21-2