Weather changes, seasonal allergies, infection, or dry confined areas can present trouble in managing respiratory-tract problems. Hawthorne Wind Aid provides temporary relief of equine bronchial congestion, minor throat irritation, allergies, and wind problems. Wind Aid is given orally to horses with severe wind problems including congestion and coughs. This product is a blend of natural aromatic oils and potassium iodide to aid in the reduction of mucus. As a glycerine-based product, Wind Aid soothes and coats the irritated surfaces of the throat and reduces inflammation. Wind Aid also acts as an expectorant, and opens the airways for more comfort and better performance.

Note: The Wind-Aid in a syringe is concentrated and the 1 oz. tube is one full dose. In the 32 oz. you must administer 2 oz. for a full dose.

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Hawthorne Wind Aid

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