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Finish Line® Fluid Action® HA provides 25mg per ounce of Sodium Hyaluronate (HA), the stable and orally absorbable form of hyaluronic acid, for extra support to promote and preserve healthy joints. HA improves joint function by lubricating joints and helping to maintain structural integrity, and also increases joint synovial fluid viscosity. Unlike other products that can actually make the trouble worse by breaking down cartilage, Fluid Action HA contains no pain relievers, and works on the cause of the pain, and not just the symptoms. Features: Improves joint function by lubricating joints and helping to maintain structural integrity Hyaluronic Acid (HA) lubricates joints and increases synovial fluid viscosity Also contains contains Glucosamine, Yucca, MSM, and Vitamin C Fast-acting For horses Made in the U.S.A. Item Specifications: Size: 32OZ Active Ingredients per fl. oz.: Glucosamine HCI (shellfish source): 5000mg Ascorbic Acid: 1000mg Sodium Hyaluronate: 25mg MSM: 60mg Yucca: 29mg Ginko Biloba: 18mg Ingredients: Aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar, apple flavor, boswellia serrata, calcium citrate, citric acid, cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12), FD&C red 40 and 3, glycerol, honey, magnesium phosphate, octacosanol, potassium sorbate, pyridoxine HCI (Vitamin B6), riboflavin (Vitamin B2), sodium benzoate, sodium saccharin, sorbitol, sugar, superoxide dismutase, water, xanthan gum. Directions for use: Shake well before use. 1000 lb. Horses: For the first eight days, give 2 fl. oz. daily. Give 1 fl. oz. daily thereafter.