Make the task of braiding and banding quick and easy with the Equi-Essentials Spring Loaded Clip Braiding Comb! This dual-purpose comb features a spring-loaded clip which allows you to effortlessly keep hair out the way while keeping it within easy grabbing distance. When tangles or knots become a problem, simply release the clip and use the convenient, wide-toothed comb to defeat the worst tangles for smooth and glossy hair. The teeth of the comb separate the hair into even sections so that the braids or bands are of equal size. The perfect all-in-one mane tool, once you use it, you'll never braid without it!

Key Features:

  • All-In-One Mane Tool
  • Dual Purpose-Clip and Comb Design
  • Comb Effortlessly Keeps Hair In Place
  • Wide Tooth Perfect for Tough Tangles
  • Sections Hair Evenly For Equal Sized Braids
  • The Perfect Braiding Ally
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Equi-Essentials - Spring Loaded Clip Braiding Comb

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