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CollectA Dimorphodon with Movable Jaw Deluxe Toy Dinosaur Figure Most of the Dimorphodon‘s body is covered in meticulously sculpted pycnofibres. The wings membranes have faint creases to give them a leathery appearance and the feet, the hands, and the enormous bill also have faint wrinkles. The inside of the mouth is nicely detailed with a long, skinny tongue and the teeth and claws are pleasingly pointy. Dimorphodon means "two-form tooth", derived from Greek, referring to the fact that it had two distinct types of teeth in its jaws – which is comparatively rare among reptiles. Dimorphodon was a rather poor flyer with a light, fragile skull and a relatively weak bite. The Dimorphodon has been sculpted in a walking pose with its wings neatly folded up. Hinged lower jaw, gives the option to have the mouth open or closed. Deluxe Dimorphodon with Movable Jaw measures 14.8" L x 4.9" H making this quite a large dinosaur model, but one that can still be held comfortably by the hands of a small child. Each prehistoric figure in the CollectA collection has been approved by archeologist Anthony Beeson, a well-respected expert in paleoimagery. CollectA Prehistoric and Dinosaur Figurines are adorable, authentic miniatures have been sculpted by experts to achieve the most realistic look possible, and are individually hand crafted in vinyl and hand-painted! Safe, virtually unbreakable and so real they inspire all sorts of imaginitive play.