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A Collapsible Bucket might just be the most useful product of the century! You can fill it with ice to keep drinks cool when going down to the pool or beach on a hot summer’s, then fill with seashells and other finds from beach combing once the ice has melted! If you are doing some gardening or taking kids fruit picking, this lightweight packable pail works as a basket and can be filled with all kinds of things; like strawberries, apples, tomatoes blackberries or any other plants you may find while foraging outdoors. So collect your garden produce or pluck your freshest flowers in the portable pail and create a lovely flower arrangement. Keep in your car or RV when taking a road trip, it will come in useful if you need to collect water for drinking, washing dishes or putting out a campfire. The best parts of this bucket are the space saving collapsible design, leak proof watertight fabric, zippered lid and comfortable carry handle! Measures --- 11*8*7 inches - Folds Less than 2- inches Color --- Blue Capacity --- 9L (2.5 gallon approx)