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The Chuckit Classic Ball Launcher are designed to lob your dogs ball further than ever before, tiring out your dog rather than you during a game of fetch. It fit's medium sized ChuckIt balls. It is 69cm long and throws balls up to 26 metres. These long, plastic launchers are also handy for scooping up your dogs ball once its been returned, saving your back from any aches as well as your hands from slobber. Description: Fits Medium ChuckIt Balls 69cm long 26 metre throwing distance Allows you to launch your dogs ball further than ever before Integrated claw holds the ball in the launcher until you throw Claw also helps you to pick ball up from the ground without needing to bend down and touch the ball Comfortable, ergonomic handle Available in 2 colors Green & Blue *Please Specify which color you would perfer on the order notes, if colour choice is not available, the other color will be shipped.