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Solvit Care Lift Aid provides a covenient and safe way to improve old or injured dogs with their mobility. The harness can be used with the rear section only, front section only, or with both front and rear sections for dogs that need more assistance. When using the rear section only, the harness must be attached to the pet for each use. However, when using the full-body (front+rear) configuration, the harness can be comfortably worn for long periods, making it easy to assist the pet without the hassle of installing the harness each time it’s needed (great for “emergency” bathroom breaks!) Similar devices only lift legs or abdomen, but this Care Lift Aid supports boths. There’s also a specially-shaped protector panel under the abdomen for male dogs (can be removed for females). If your pet needs assistance up stairs, into vehicles, onto furniture, outside for a bathroom break, or walking, this is perfect for your pet! It's even great for those dogs that are in rehabilitation after injury or surgery. Four lifting methods 1) rear lift only, using either the adjustable leash, or the comfort-grip handle; 2) front lift only, using the comfort grip handle; 3) full body lift, using the comfort grip handles at front and rear; or 4) full body lift, using the adjustable shoulder strap attached to front and rear Sizing Size Chest Waist Weight Small 12-26 inches 12-24 inches 7-35 pounds Medium 24-33 inches 19-31 inches 35-70 pounds