Quick-drying super absorbent gel with built-in pheromone attractant for easy training. The leak-proof bottom layer consists of 5 layers of super absorbent gel technology for maximum protection. Pad quickly converts liquid into gel and neutralize wetness and odours. 

Multiple Uses

  • Housetraining your dog
  • Sick or incontinent dogs
  • Long car rides
  • Lining carriers and cages

Quick & Easy to Use

  1. Place the training pad on the tray or designated area, but keep it away from where your dog sleeps and eats.
  2.  Place your dog on the training pad and encourage him to do his business. Repeat until the dog uses the training pad without prompting.
  3. Praise your dog after each use and reward him with a treat.
  4. Discard each training pad after use.
  5. To train the dog to do his business outside, gradually move the training pad closer to the door until it can be placed outside.
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Bud'z Disposable Training Pads - Puppy or Adult Dog - 22" x 22" - 100 Pack

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