Eco Friendly poop bag dispenser. Easy to attach to any lead, keeping your essential poop bags handy.

Fits Beco Poop bags and connects to all leads with a unique bungee system. Bags are dispensed with an easy tug of the bag. Complete peace of mind to have a proper supply of bags close at hand.

The Beco Pocket is a revolutionary eco-friendly poop bag dispenser. Unlike most other bag dispensers, the Beco Pocket uses a unique bungee system to attach to almost any lead, strap, belt or bag. In fact the Beco Pocket works so well, you can even attach it to a baby’s pram or inside a car boot. Made from our unique plant fiber plastic, the Beco Pocket is not only sustainable but also degradable.
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Beco Pocket - Poop Bag Dispenser

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