Pet Qwerks Bacon BarkBone® Dog Chew Toys are proudly made in USA. They’re crafted with Real Bacon throughout. Bacon BarkBone chews are made from pure nylon and real bacon. The two ingredients are blended into the most durable, safe and tasty dog chew bones!

No colorants, no flavorings, no additives. They’re hefty bones, generous in size. BarkBones® are curved making them easy to pick up and even easier for a dog to hold. They’re natural looking and feeling. Wait till Spot gets a whiff of these!

All BarkBone® components, including bacon and nylon, are sourced in the USA! Non-toxic, non-allergenic and safe for your dog!

Great Benefits:
  •  Giving your dog non-edible bones also massages their gums and provides scraping action on their teeth, much like a dental hygienist descaling the plaque from human teeth.
  •  It helps healthy chewing and makes for a more entertaining experience.
  •  It discourages destructive behavior when your dogs get bored.
  •  Long-lasting Bacon BarkBone Dog Chew Toys challenges even the most aggressive chewers and keeps your dog busy.
  •  Caring for your dog’s teeth from puppy to adult can prevent dental health issues. Bacon BarkBone introduce your pups to positive chewing habits especially during the critical stage of puppyhood.

Precautions :

Don't freak out if your pup creates granules of nylon while chewing. These little rice size bits are usually not swallowed but if they are, they'll pass without a problem. For a satisfying chewing experience your dog needs to be able to do some damage to the chew. It needs to be scratchable. Glass hard nylon dog chew bones might not be favorite.

All dog's personalities, reactions and behaviors are different; sometimes unexpected. No dog toy is truly indestructible. It is important that all dogs be closely supervised when new toys are introduced and removed if behavior is destructive and unsafe.

? Large Bone Is Recommended for Dogs Up to 45 lbs.
? Extra Large Bone Is Recommended for Dogs Up to 80 lbs.
? 100% Nylon
? Comes in 2 sizes 8 inches and 6¼ inches.
Comes in 2 sizes:

Large measures 6" x 2.25" x 1.25" and weighs 8 oz.
Qty available:3 SKU:20369
Bark Bone - Made With Real Bacon

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