The Ultimate All-Purpose Formula! #1 pigeon food - with it's high protein, high energy and excellent fiber ratio-makes a wonderful racing mixture. Popcorn, small white peas and red Milo allow this formula to double as a raising food. #1 is suitable for almost ALL Pigeons of all ages. This is a superb choice whether you are conditioning your Homers for the breeding season or the flying season. Due to it's smaller-sized grain, #1 is the right choice for Tipplers, Fans, Owls or Medians. #1 may not be suitable for Roller pigeons throughout the flying season due to it's high corn ratio.

Available in: 40 lb bags

Ingredients: Popcorn, wheat (hard western), white Peas (small), milo-Red, tares, maple and/or Austrian peas, buckwheat.


Protein 14.0% min
Fat 4.0% min
Fiber 3.0% Max
Moisture 12.0% Max.

**Please note that the bags may not match the picture shown as they are all bulk bags.


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#1 Pigeon Mix 40LBs

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