Feeding a properly balanced species appropriate raw diet to your pets provides many health benefits. Many dogs and cats do exceptionally well on a raw diet when dry kibble has failed to correct ongoing health issues. A raw diet can reduce food sensitives with easier digestion resulting in smaller stools, excellent weight management and increased longevity. Dogs and cats fed a raw diet have healthy coats, a stronger immune system and strong, healthy teeth. A raw diet is a solid alternative to consider for best health outcomes. Feeding raw to your pet is more than raw meat, it requires a balance of nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Little Bit Western carries the Pets 4 Life raw dog and cat/ferret food lines, for the ultimate in pet nutrition and performance. Pets 4 Life has been tested to ensure it meets or exceeds AAFCO standards for a complete and balanced diet, so you can be assured your pet is getting all it’s nutritional needs met.


Quest Raw is an affordable raw food for dogs, made using the highest quality, 100% Canadian ingredients. It provides low prices without sacrificing quality, creating a healthy diet using limited ingredients, no-frills packaging and easy-to-serve formatting. Quest Raw is your low-cost alternative to premium raw food, making raw food affordable, especially for owners with large or multiple dogs.