Acana and Orijen Dog Food Biologically Appropriate food for dogs and cats, the ACANA and ORIJEN line is made in Canada and uses fresh locally sourced meat from North America. The foods are both low carbohydrate and low on the glycemic index. ACANA and ORIJEN foods have outstanding quality and is an award-winning food year after year. This line of food offers a freeze-dried option for dogs in three different flavors. Prices will vary depending on size and type. ACANA and ORIJEN offer a loyalty program wherein when you buy 12 bags, your 13th bag of equal value for free!



Fromm Dog Food is family owned and operated. The Fromm family has been crafting dog food from their home state of Wisconsin, USA since 1904. Fromm has an extensive line of high quality grained, grain-free and canned food for dogs and cats. Fromm also has a wonderful line of great treats. Finding the best food for your pet is sometimes a process of trial and adjustment. You will be pleased to know that once your pet has completed the transition to Fromm, you can easily switch between all of the Fromm recipes without digestive upset. The picky eater will appreciate the change in flavours. This dog food offers a loyalty program when you buy 12 bags, you will receive your 13th bag free!



Redpaw is a popular brand for sled dogs and working breeds. Specifically formulated and balanced to maintain the health and stamina required for working dogs. Redpaw is highly digestible, has an optimal omega 6:3 fatty acid ratio, helps maintain a healthy digestive tract with probiotics and prebiotics, includes antioxidants, vitamins and minerals and has no wheat, artificial colorings or artificial flavorings. A recommended dog food for exceptional energy, stamina and recovery. Redpaw provides a great diet that helps maintain a healthy digestive tract and immune system which provides the beautiful benefits of a shiny coat, strong nails, firm stools and so much more.



We carry Natural Balance as our Vegetarian option. Natural Balance Vegetarian has no artificial flavors or chemical preservatives. Natural Balance is committed to providing quality food for dogs and cats without the use of soy, corn, wheat and  by-product meal. 


FirstMate stays true to their commitment of making their pet food 100% nutritionally complete as they use only one protein and one carbohydrate which is what a limited ingredient diet should consist of. Using the tested formula of one protein and one carbohydrate makes the food more digestible, reduces stress on the body and lessens the chances of allergic reaction. FirstMate is made in Canada and all manufacturing is overseen by a family owned and operated business.



Natural and Delicious has scientifically backed research and a long working relationship with the chair of Animal Research at the University of Naples Federico II which has allowed backed validity to the effectiveness of the food product that is produced. Farmina is Italian made and believes good food comes from quality ingredients. Natural and Delicious is high quality, has great reviews, is cruelty-free and the pets absolutely love it!



Forza 10 active line is an alternative to medicine and offers a multitude of specific diets concerning the most common chronic inflammatory process suffered by our dogs and cats. The combination of accurately selected natural extracts and the freshest fish work together to allow the reduction of food intolerances that occur on a particular system. Forza 10 is cruelty-free, gluten-free, contaminant, chemical and antibiotic free. Forza 10 recommends a combination of wet and dry food for optimal results. Some of the food we carry include:

  • Weight Control
  • Renal
  • Oral
  • Behavioral
  • Intestinal
  • Dermo
  • Urinary
All dry dog food we sell is 100% guaranteed. Please contact us if the food isn't working out for your pet and see how we can help. Visit us at our store front location for availability!

We offer other food options and many treat selections that are going to be loved by your fur baby.