Do you have a big family and/or group of friends? Do you cook professionally? Or do you like to cater for large groups? If any of the above applies to you, then the Big Green Egg XLarge is your perfect partner in crime. As this multi-tasker has a grid that is more than 30% larger than that of the Large, it enables you to serve deliciously cooked ingredients and dishes to loads of people simultaneously. With the XLarge’s 61 cm diameter cooking area, big chunks of meat, fish or several pizzas at a time are not a pipe dream, but a reality.

And should you find yourself in a situation in which 61 centimetres is just a tad too small, just expand the cooking area with the special 2 Level Cooking Grid and elevate your cooking to even greater heights. What about giving your XLarge a couple of EGG Mates? They will provide you with so much more work space next to your EGG and they’re a great place to set out your tools and/or ingredients. Another great idea is to install the Big Green Egg XLarge in an (acacia) table or outdoor kitchen! How does that grab you?

Kit Inculdes: Egg, Grill, Cast/Ceramic Damper, Table Nest Conveggtor, Ash Tool, Grill Gripper

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XLarge Built-In Kit

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