• Ware Critter Pops Small Animal Fun Chew Treats are crispy, colorful chew treats that provide snacking variety for small animals like hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, rabbits, guinea pigs and chinchillas. These flavorful puffed chews are made with a wholesome and 100% edible combo of tasty rice and corn, so they're safe for your pet. They're ideal for hand feeding, and they also fit the Ware Treat-K-Bob for an interactive and exciting treat. Not only do they make delicious snacks, but they also promote dental health as they help wear down your pet's teeth while he chews.

    Key Benefits
    • 100% edible puffed rice pops
    • Full of crunch and flavor
    • Helps your pet overcome cage boredom
    • Promotes clean and healthy teeth
    • Fits the Ware Treat-K-Bob

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Ware Pet Products - Critter Pops - Colourful Small Animal Treats

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