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Dogs that spend time outdoors can benefit from the safety features of our ultra-legged reflective vest. Vests are colored high quality light but during the day and light up at night making your dog easy to see. Adjustable neck and belly closure. Light, elegant but functional reflective vest during the day the vest is extremely visible in bright orange. Bright reflective strips at night visibility. Easy to use adjustable neck and belly snap buttons. This safety feature to secure the jacket to the collar dogs to keep the shirt in place when crossing heavy brush. The vests are designed to extend up to 3/4 of the dog's back. Highly visible but not limiting the movement of dogs. Perfect for cycling, hiking or running with your dog. Ideal for playing outdoors when visibility is important. Size: medium. measurements: 30 - 22.7 kilograms; collar: 10 - 18 - 28; 45.7 - 16; 25.4 - 40.6 cm circumference Waist length: 71.1 cm Back length of the jacket: 12; 30.5 cm