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Horse owners want a healthy, glossy coat for their horse. You can improve your horse's coat sheen and luster with Uckele CocoSoya, a tasty source of unprocessed, unrefined oil and a natural source of Vitamin E. Your horse will love the taste! CocoSoya provides significant palatability, allowing supplements to be blended more easily and reduces the amount of molasses needed to improve supplement or feed flavor. CocoSoya provides support not only for skin and hooves, but joint function and antioxidant support as well. Rich in omega fatty acids, another benefit of supplementing CocoSoya is that it generates less internal heat during digestion than protein or carbohydrates, keeping your horse cooler. It's a source of Omega 3, Omega 6 & Omega 9 fatty acids, 98% total fat, with Soybean Oil (unrefined/expeller-pressed), Coconut Oil and Vitamin E. Ingredients: Soybean Oil (unrefined/expeller-pressed), Coconut Oil, Vitamin E Supplement (as a preservative), Natural and Artificial Flavors. Guaranteed Analysis: Total Fatty Acids 98% Moisture 0.5 % (max.) Insoluble Impurities 0.2 % (max.) Unsaponifiable Matter 1.0 % (max.) Free Fatty Acid 2.50 % (max.) Feeding Directions: Maintenance: 1 to 4 oz. daily Heavy work: 4 to 8 oz. daily Lactating mares: 4 oz. daily To improve hair coat gloss: 4 oz. daily or 5 gallons per ton of feed. *Natural settling may occur - Shake well before use.