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The Extreme Outback Log Cabin Dog House is constructed from solid wood. Its stainless steel hardware also adds to its sturdiness. It is weather, pest, rot and rust resistant. Shaped like a lodge cabin, this dog house is perfect for your pets. It is weather-resistant adjustable feet allow the dog house to balance on rough surfaces. Crafted to perfection, this dog house provides increased protection from the extreme climate and elements like dust and debris. The shingled roof is made from asphalt and has a durable weather-resistant liner. The raised floor keeps the dog house above the ground and avoids moisture. Such features keep the dog house dry and airy. The dog house is available in multiple sizes. It has an overall brown finish with its roof and edges in black finish. Key Benefits Made with solid wood construction so you won't have to be worried about your precious furry friend being in danger Sealed with weather-resistant coating and features a rain resistant roof with durable weather liner Features self-leveling, water-resistant plastic feet Slant roof design with black asphalt shingles for better protection Off-center entrance provides increased shelter from the elements and allows your pet to turn around inside more easily