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These Tempered Glass Cutting Boards from River’s Edge Products measures 12 inches by 16 inches for a large cutting surface suitable for preparing family sized meals. These cutting boards are crafted from tempered glass with break and heat resistant properties. The nonporous glass surface also resists stains and will not absorb food odors. Designed with a lightly textured surface to prevent food from sliding while it is being cut without distorting the artwork beneath. This cutting board can be used with bread, vegetables, fruit, and meat. Always wash the cutting board thoroughly between food types. This cutting board is equipped with feet to prevent unwanted movement on the countertop for added safety. 13 styles to choose from: Bull and Cow 4 Basic Food Groups Wolves Horse in Field Lure History Horse Running on Water Camp Night Camo Rider's Best Friend Ready up! Saddle up! Hangin' Out Stampede Mare and Foal