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The Smart Pet Love Snuggle Bed is a cozy, multi-purpose fleece bed that helps provide warmth and comfort during times of anxiety or stress. This fuzzy bed can easily be transported in the vehicle or taken to the kennel for boarding to give your pet a sense of calm through familiar scents. Your dog or cat can use it as a blanket or burrow inside it for a safe, cozy bed and hiding place. This Snuggle Bed is made with soft, durable fleece with a leopard print pattern. It measures 53.3 cm x 68.6 cm (21" x 27") and is suitable for pets under 20 lbs. May be washed and dried by machine. Produces warm, calming effect during times of stress Designed to be used as a blanket or a bed to burrow into Made with soft, durable fleece Help ease anxiety by providing familiar scent during travel, boarding, etc. Machine washable & dryable Measures 53.3 cm x 68.6 cm (21" x 27") Suitable for pets under 20 lbs.