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PURELY NATURAL SMOKED TRIPE TREATS For years, pet experts have been promoting the healthy benefits of feeding tripe to your pets; but have struggled to find a convenient, "owner" friendly format. Pets 4 Life has done just that! All of the benefits with none of the mess! More and more pet lovers are turning to Pets 4 Life Smoked Tripe! Naturally Cold-smoked to preserve nutrients No artificial additives or preservatives Made from 100% Canadian ingredients Great for training, pill pockets or a healthy, all natural treat! By using 100% Canadian ingredients and a Mennonite cold smoking recipe, Pets 4 Life keeps the tripe's nutrients, gastric juices, amino acids and digestive enzymes intact! Pets 4 Life Tripe treats have the distinction of being naturally smoked over sugar maple wood chips without any added preservatives. The tripe treats are available in Lamb and Beef