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A healthy natural kangaroo tail chew, even for the super aggressive chewer. The all natural kangaroo tail chew dogs go crazy for directly from Australia This is an all natural roo chew with no additives, no hormones, and no antibiotics. It is slow dried to perfection. A great alternative chew for dogs with beef / chicken allergies. This all natural chew weighs from 1/2 to 2/3lb (227g-303g). It is 5-6? long and are as thick as a woman’s wrist. A great single ingredient treat for dogs with sensitivities to various proteins or just something new for a change. Promotes healthy teeth and gums. Ingredients: slow dried/dehydrated Kangaroo Tail Analysis: Ash: 20.1g/100g, Fat:17.9g/100g, Moisture:6.3g/100g, Protein:54.2g/100g Free range Store in a cool dry place Product of Australia from a USDA approved facility