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The chicken is sliced in 1/8? thick sheets that have easy to break off pieces. You will get more mileage as a result of breaking whatever size pieces you need to reward your dog. The chicken has a great natural odour. This is pure chicken breast that is slow dehydrated to lock in all the natural flavours dogs love. No glycerin or any other additives/preservatives are used. Many pet owners have been looking for domestic chicken products that are more natural. We have been hearing these concerns for the past couple of years and we have been listening. There are many unanswered questions on imported chicken from overseas leaving many retailers and consumers confused on the quality, and more importantly, the safety of this treat. We carefully selected a facility in the USA that is federally inspected by USDA and complies with all CFIA and USDA/FDA guidelines. Sizes Available: 6oz (170g) and 12oz(340g) standup ziplock bags with label Guaranteed Analysis: Min. crude protein 77%, Min. crude fat 1%, Max. crude fat 2.0%, Max. crude fibre 0.8%, Max Moisture 12.0% Max Recommended chicken chews per day based on dog weight: under 5lbs-1/2-1/day; 5-10lbs., 1-2/day; 10-25lbs. 2-3/day; 25-50lbs 3-4/day; 50-75lbs., 4-5lbs; over 75lbs, 5-8/day. We always recommend you supervise your dog when providing treats/chews. Always provide fresh drinking water.