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Mustad Tuff Stuff is a hoof conditioner and toughener that is a tough combination to beat. It is so effective that you can drive a nail through an egg without cracking the shell after the egg has been treated with it! It can be used for toughening shod or unshod hooves, to aid in moisture retention, to strengthen soft or "mushy”" hooves, as a show cosmetic (allow hoof to dry after cleaning with soap and water, then follow with one or two applications for a glass-like shine), and for tightening and preventing slightly loose shoes (apply as needed to fill wear space of nail track and old tracks after shoeing). Features: Strengthen brittle, cracked hoof walls Protects scuffed toes Effectively guards against fungus, caustics, and bacteria Helps maintain hoof wall’s natural moisture Will not wear away after application Acetone-based application with a cellulose bonding agent that moisturizes the hoof from the inside out