Stall guards and stall chains are a staple in most horse barns.  They are also very common at shows so that your horse can catch some of the action and be “entertained” in his stall by being able to look out into the barn aisle. 

  • Typically, stall guards come in a few varieties - the rubber coated chain and the rubber mat, or the nylon or webbed mat style.  
  • For stalls that have sliding doors without windows, guards are great for allowing your horse to see out during the day. 
  • You can also use them as a barrier between a stall and the attached paddock, to restrict movement but allow ventilation and sightseeing. 
  • At shows, they are a great way to allow some sightseeing and also provide extra security for nervous horses that may try to escape as you enter the stall.  
  • Comes in a random, assorted colour
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Ger-Ryan Stall Chain - Assorted Colours

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