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Concentrated, rich formulation cleanses hair thoroughly yet gently, drenching it with luxurious lather, leaving hair feeling soft and manageable. Perfect for brushing and braiding. Delicately removes residual buildup of fly sprays, detanglers, pollutants and hard water minerals. Creates refreshingly clean-looking hair while providing regrowth; building body and strengthening thinning, fragile hair. Contains 2 coat conditioners and aloe vera, keeping horse's skin moisturized and itch-free while protecting from damage caused by combing, drying and braiding. Produces thick, rich lather; easy to rinse out. Directions: Wet hair. Squeeze desired amount into pail; add water. Work up full lather with sponge. In very dirty or stained areas where hair has been damaged, massage area for a few seconds and let sit for 1 minute.