We order live chickens, turkeys, ducks and pheasants for our local farms! Birds must be pre-ordered no later than 4 weeks before delivery date and are available in spring from April to September. Delivery dates do vary, so check out the flyer for additional information. Frey’s has day old birds and ready to lay hens. Availability will vary depending on bird type. We do recommend ordering early as to not be disappointed with unavailable birds and be sure to set up your space properly before welcoming your birds to their new home.

We carry feed for all bird types in all life stages!

Birds typically arrive before 10am on delivery day. We will call the week before to confirm a pick-up time. Please be available to pick up your birds early, they have travelled a long way.
*Please note, not all bird types are available on every delivery date. Check delivery dates to see when your birds are available for delivery*

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NEW for 2019, Ameraucana's! (blue egg layers) ready-to-lay for June shipment, as well as September! Minimum quantity to order will be 4. Orders of 2 will be accepted if combined with a minimum of 4 other ready-to lay hens. Small order charge will apply if orders are less than 10 birds.

Started layer breeds of brown egg layer chicks are available as 6 and 7 weeks old, and only on specific dates.

Hatching eggs are available by the dozen in a brown layer breed of choice. Cost is $20/dozen and no delivery fee is charged if you are ordering other birds. Red X, Red Sex Link and Black Sex Link are easily sexable. All other breeds are difficult to sex.

Ready-to-lay and started pullets are available on a first-come first-serve basis. Please see us for additional information.