Choosing the Right Brush for your Dog

Hannah Belec

When picking a brush for your pet, the one that works best for the dogs' fur should be chosen. 

Slicker Brush: This brush works with all coat types. It has a flat or curved head with rows of thin wire pins, which removes loose fur and helps detangle the hair. 

Pin Brush: A lot like the slicker brush, but the wire pins are tipped with plastic or rubber. It's made for longer, silkier coat types. 

Bristle Brush: This brush is best for dogs with short or wiry coats. The bristles remove debris and leave a nice shine. 

Shedding Blade: This brush is a horseshoe-shaped comb with small, dull teeth. Drag it across flat, short of combination coats to remove loose fur. 

Rakes and Combs: These are designed to get deep into double and heavy coats. These are great de-shedding tools and work well on long haired dogs. Combs can be used for both long and short haired dogs.


We have a large selection of grooming tools perfect for your pets needs, including cats! Come speak to one of our associates to find the brush that best suits your fur babies!